These Facilities of UIN Malang will Elevate Your Way of  Study

Minggu, 03 Juli 2022 - 04:00
These Facilities of UIN Malang will Elevate Your Way of  Study One of the open area at UIN Malang. (Photo: Ratu Bunga/TIMES Indonesia)  

TIMES PROBOLINGGO, JAKARTAUIN Maliki Malang (Universitas Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang) has several areas where it occasionally used by the students as an outdoor class. Not only one, even almost every corner of it were equipped with some comfortable facilities for teaching and learning activities.

Located at Jalan Gajayana No.50, Malang this university trying to give nice experience which make learning process no longer a monotone activity you commonly did in the class. A new captivating view will elevate your learning process and make it more fascinating. So without any further do let's check these places out.

1. Shades

There are lots of shades or what the local known as gazebo. This place is located a  little far ahead of the library. You could spot this place from the library. This place will be a nice one to just sit and read your book after roaming around the books in the library.

2. The park next to entrance gate

In this park, the management of UIN Maliki Malang put several shades like parasol to keep the students from the heat that strike or just to cover you from the rain.

Not only studying alone, some of the teacher will also take their students to study at this place just to get a new atmosphere other than their class. Some students will also gathered with their friend just to enjoy some meals they get from the cafeteria.

3. A park right in front of the main building

This place could be sad at the most comfortable place to go for study. The management equipped this place with plugs where you could charge your computer or even your phone.  You could also do an outdoor presentation with your friends using your computer without afraid of being run of battery.

What makes it more comfortable and nice is the lush green trees surrounding the area. Just for your information, UIN Maliki Malang has been named as Kampus Hijau which literally means Green Campus for the numerous amount of lush green trees spotted in the university. (*)

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