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4 Delectable Delights of Betawi to Dress Your Table

Minggu, 26 Juni 2022 - 05:49
4 Delectable Delights of Betawi to Dress Your Table Kerak Telor, one of typical dishes of Betawi. (PHOTO: Sajian Sedap)

TIMES PROBOLINGGO, JAKARTABetawi, one of the biggest ethnicity in Jakarta has been known to have thousands interesting things especially cultures to attract to visitors to come to their place. Not stop on that, their cuisine has been well known across the country for its delightful taste.

There bunch of Betawi dishes that has captivated people's heart with their taste, from main course to dessert, and even beverages everything seems to highlight all the magnificent culture this ethnicity has. So without any further let's check out the dishes.

1. Nasi Uduk

This food was so popular in the country. The nice aromatic fragrant of the rice accompanied some companion dishes makes this dish worth to try. A set of Nasi Uduk will be elevated with local companion dishes such as sweet spicy dog fruit, sambal gepleng, plus some egg and shredded chicken curry.

2. Kerak Telor

This iconic dishes of Betawi was also known as egg crust. It's made of glutinous rice and egg. Also some anchovy and fried shredded coconut (serundeng). The cooking process is what makes the dishes so special. It was put on a wok and it needs to be rolled over fire to get the perfect taste and texture.

3. Soto Betawi

Soto Betawi is a soup which made out of mutton or beef. Unlike any other soup, the both will include some coconut milk in the making. This is probably what makes the taste of the soto become tastier and savoy. They usually will top it off with minced spring onion or fried shallot which will elevate the taste.

4. Asinan betawi

Asinan Betawi was kind of raw vegetable salad with sweet and spicy taste of soup which will make this asinan a perfect companion during a hot day in summer. Some lettuce, cucumber, beansprout, fried tofu and tempe will  be added to it. Some fried peanut and crackers were also added to make it tastier. (*)

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