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These Activities Will Lead You to be Happy All Day Long

Minggu, 03 Juli 2022 - 03:00
These Activities Will Lead You to be Happy All Day Long Illustration: Happy beautiful woman enjoying beautiful view around her house. (Photo: Freepik)

TIMES PROBOLINGGO, JAKARTA – There is a time when you feeling down in a day without any reason. And this might be triggered by a thing you didn't expect. However there are some activities that can lead you to a joyful day, a day which filled with happiness. Let's check those activities out.

Wake up early

Wake up early in the morning will give you more benefit especially to get the freshest air before it gets polluted. Make sure you open all the ventilation to let the air get into your house.

Smile before you leave your house

Sometimes, the dense schedule we have all the day will make us forget to smile. Make a time, try to smile after you get ready to work in front of your mirror. Give at least 5 to 10 seconds to admire God's creation in the mirror and smile while stating the gratitude.


Doing your chores will surely elevate the burdens from your shoulders. Doing some chores will energize you and keep your happiness for the rest of the day. Not only for a day, even the day after today. Try not to leave unfinished chores in the area you could see. It could bring you a bad mood.

Small exercise

Take at least 15 minutes to do a small exercise in a day. You could walk around the area of your house while admiring the things you never praised to. you could also ride your bike to get a little bit far distance from your house.

Help others

Seeing an older person crossing the street, an older woman holding too many shopping bag on their car, or someone in trouble with their activity might give you a chance to help others. Just asked them nicely whether they need a help or not. And if they do, give yourself a shot. 

Enough rest

To get enough rest or sleep will be a nice thing to have to boost your mood and keep you happy all day long. Make sure you get enough sleep for 7-8 days at night. it will be good if you could take an hour nap in the afternoon. That will surely be super splendid. So, will you give these activities a shot? (*)

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