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Celebrate the Independence Day with Luminor Hotel Jemursari

Kamis, 04 Agustus 2022 - 03:32
Celebrate the Independence Day with Luminor Hotel Jemursari Nasi Bakar Bambu Runcing, a special dish served by Luminor Hotel Jemursari to commemorate the independence day. (Photo: Marcomm Luminor Jemursari)  

TIMES PROBOLINGGO, JAKARTA – In order to commemorate the Indonesian Independence Day which celebrated on every August 17 Luminor Hotel Jemursari brings up a new dish to pamper all the guests. They named the package as 'Pedjoeang' which literally means fighter.

This package could be enjoyed at Rock 'n Sugar restaurant, the iconic dining venue at Luminor Hotel Jemursari. Executive Chef Luminor Jemursari Surabaya, Sukismanto explained that the package will only be available during this August.


The Pedjoeang package is a mere of rice and some side dishes wrapped in banana leaves then grilled. The chef cut the rice in sharp bamboo shape just like those bamboo sticks which were used by the locals to fight the colonizer. This dish was so called as Nasi Bakar Bambu Runcing.

"The Nasi Bakar Bambu Runcing is a roll of rice filled shredded spicy tuna and served with crispy prawn, carckers, and sambal bajak sauce. The rice wrapped with banana leaves and then cut off to resemble the sharp bamboo," the chef said.

Not stop on the dish, Luminor Hotel Jemursari also served a tasty refreshing beverage to support the theme. It was so called as Es Soda Merdeka which literally means Freedom Soda with Ice.

As its name, the drink was made from soda added with condensed milk with an additional bright color of red syrup. It made the drink has such a fancy red and white color which resemble the color of Indonesian flag. The two will surely elevate your independence day with Luminor Hotel Jemursari. (*)

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