Watu Bale Beach Pacitan and Its Wonderful Scenery  

Minggu, 22 Mei 2022 - 03:23
Watu Bale Beach Pacitan and Its Wonderful Scenery    The local community at Watu Bale Beach Pacitan produce Batik for souvenir. (Photo: Syarif Hasan)  

TIMES PROBOLINGGO, JAKARTAWatu Bale Beach Pacitan is not a new destination for the local community. This beach has been opened for public since 2017. And now, this beautiful place is ready to go for further level, as a world class destination.

Located at at Jetak, Tulakan, Pacitan, East Java, this place has been well known with its captivating view and beautiful rocky line on the shore. There has been lads of tourist visiting this place for its beauty.

"This destination is absolutely stunning. It has a nice access which ease the visitors to reach the area. The corals, reefs, and the wave becomes its best attraction. I believe this place could go for global tourism," the Deputy of Indonesian Consulative Assembly Syarief Hasan said.

This place doesn’t have a vast stretched white sand like those common beach in the country. The sea was separated directly by the cliff located right on the shore. There's a suspension bridge connecting the land with a small island located across the cliff.

"To go to the island, you need to take the suspension bridge where you could see those waves hitting the cliff hard. I think, this will be a good attraction for those adrenaline rush lovers," Syarief added.

In addition, the local community of Watu Bale Beach Pacitan also created some nice souvenir you could bring home. Most of them produce some exotic Batik with nice pattern and colors. Most of it will remind you to the beautiful color of the ocean and the nice atmosphere this place has. (*)

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