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Culinary Sensation Above the Sea in Karangsong Indramayu

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2021 - 05:20
Culinary Sensation Above the Sea in Karangsong Indramayu Visitors are enjoying the meal and the offshore view in Batari Apung Restaurant in Karangsong Beach, Indramayu, West Java. (PHOTO: Batari Apung Restaurant for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES PROBOLINGGO, JAKARTA – What can be better than just a tasteful meal? Tasteful seafood with a unique offshore view! A unique and anti-mainstream dining experience is available in the Batari Apung Restaurant in Karangsong, Indramayu, West Java.

There you can enjoy the tasteful seafood, feast your eyes with the beautiful view, and get the unique experience of dining right above the sea.

Batari Apung Restaurant is a unique diner that offers a unique dining experience above the sea. It is located on the northern coast of Karangsong beach, about 30 meters from the shore.

"Indeed, Batari Apung has a different atmosphere compared to other restaurants," said Wiwin Widiyawati, the owner of Batari Apung Restaurant Karangsong Indramayu, on Sunday (17/10/2021).


She explained to TIMES Indonesia that Batari Apung Restaurant has been operating since 2015. After a long pause due to the Covid-19, it is now back in business.

The restaurant with the near with nature concept has a signature dish, Gombyang kepala Manyung (Sea Catfish head Gombyang), a unique and legendary menu from the Indramayu region.

"Our signature dish is the Sea Catfish head Gombyang. We also have other choices of seafood, like red snapper, triggerfish, and so on," said Wiwin.

This restaurant has an accessible route, just a few meters from the entrance of the tourist area of Karangsong beach. You can choose various dishes for reasonable prices starting from IDR8,500 for every ounce of fish.

Furthermore, all vegetables served on the menu are also fresh because they are harvested directly from the hydroponic garden right beside the kitchen.


"Some of our fresh beverages use fresh ingredients such as the mint leaves harvested directly from the garden, so its freshness is guaranteed," said Wiwin.

You can reserve a bundle for meetings, parties, and other events for your family or colleagues. You can also reserve your time of visit if you want to see the sunrise or sunset while enjoying your favorite meal.

"We are open from 8 AM to until 10 PM. However, if you want to see the sunrise at 5 AM you will need to reserve prior to your visit," said Wiwin.

Wiwin also mentioned that the idea of establishing the Batari Apung Restaurant started from her dream to create a unique culinary experience. The dream was successfully carried out with her experience in the culinary business for decades, especially in producing boneless milkfish.

Another special element of the business is the staff and waiters. Wiwin especially chose broken home people and street children.

"We also had a busker working in our place. We are giving the unfortunates a chance to work for a better life here," said Wiwin.

Wiwin taught those unfortunate people cooking and serving skills until they are ready to fulfill the customers’ orders.

Wiwin also created several establishments for the employees who have worked for a year in Batara Apung to hone their entrepreneurship skills and manage the side business which also collaborates with the Batara Apung’s operation.

"I ensured them that they deserve a better life and are capable to get their dreams to come true. I hope that they can have a normal life and be a part of the independent society," said Wiwin.

Wait no longer, invite all your family members or your colleagues to enjoy a sensational dinner on the sea in Batari Apung Restaurant, Karangsong Beach, Indramayu. (*)

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