1 Abad NU: Christians Build Rest Area in Front of Their Church for Muslims

Senin, 06 Februari 2023 - 20:01
1 Abad NU: Christians Build Rest Area in Front of Their Church for Muslims NU flag waving in front of GKI or Indonesian Christian Church in Sidoarjo. (Photo: Rohmadi/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES PROBOLINGGO, SIDOARJO – It seems like not only the muslims who were busy in welcoming 1 Abad NU or the 100th anniversary of NU. The event which will be held at Gelora Stadium Sidoarjo by Tuesday (7/2/2022) has also taken the Christians' attention. 

It was shown from the activity of some Christians in the local area. They built a rest area to accommodate the muslims who pass by their area. This area even situated right in front of GKI or Indonesian Christian Church of Sidoarjo. 

This rest area was meant to accommodate those muslims who came from far away and need a place to rest. In order to let the muslim knew about this place they event patch the NU flag in front of the church. all the member of the  church hand in hand help one each other in building the place. 

This rest area was also equipped with some amenities. "We also open rest area. The people will get some drink, rest room, and Wi-Fi connection all for free," Leonard Andrew, a priest of GKI Sidoarjo said on Monday (6/2/2023).

The priest also said that they have had a group of muslim from Kendal, Central Java which ride in 2 different bus and planned to spend their night at the rest area before starting their activity tomorrow. "They came this evening," he added. 

Live Stream 1 Abad NU from the Stadium

The church also prepared a big screen to watch the live relay. This amenities was given to those who could get into the stadium. "If the management do a live stream we will facilitate those muslim who couldn't get into the stadium with our screen projector," Leonard added. 

This church could be found at Jalan Trunojoyo No. 39, Sidokumpul, Sidoarjo. It was located around 2,6 kilometers away from the stadium. You will need to walk to the stadium for 7 minutes less or more. 

The 1 Abad NU event at at Gelora Stadium Sidoarjo will be held for 24 hours non stop. The management has prepare some place to rest for free scattered in several places around the venue. However, the local community insists to help them add the number of this kind of place to accommodate the muslims. 

This include the GKI Sidoarjo who have prepared a rest area for the muslims during 1 Abad NU event. This show how people between religious beliefs lives in harmony in this country. (*)

Pewarta : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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